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The lil bro is doing a portfolio course next week for art college, so I was looking through my art materials today to see if I had anything he needed. I forgot, but I have quite a lot. Like…loads. And I never use them anymore, very sad.

SoI got my pastels out and drew what was in the corner of my desk. It’s been about two years since I drew with pastels so results were not exactly overwhelming, but some parts are nice. Here’s a pic, though the colours don’t really photo well.

Trinity Ball 054

Yes, I have china ornaments and so am basically a nan. Oh also, top tip for when you’re drawing is to look at the picture in a mirror as you go, cos you’ll spot mistakes/crookedness/non-symmetry if ya do.

Oh and a PS, I’m getting lots of hits but no comments, so do leave me one if you’re reading this! Even if it’s just…your life is dull, why bother.x

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“Even if this type of bra makes your breast low, no concern of mine.”

I was looking up clothes making and patterns today — not because I can sew, you understand, but because I have pretentions to an ability to sew.

Anyway I found this japanese website where it shows you how to make a bra and knickers from scratch. Tutorial seems good, plus the english translation is hilarious.

http://panty.hanty.net/brassiere.html –For the bra

http://panty.hanty.net/ — For the knickers

Happy sewing sewstars.x

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It’s my birthday soon

If anyone would like to buy me this it’d be nice. It’s 30% off so total steal. To the best of my recollection Serena wore it in Season one Gossip Girl when her and Dan went on their first date. I’d also like her hair.



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Bookmark this

I think Karl called lists “the mainstay of lazy blogging”, or somesuch. They are, I love them. Here’s another, this time of random sites that I have in my bookmarks folder and may be of interest.

Make and Do

bird cage bag

  • http://www.thing-a-day.com/ — This is where I stole the idea for this blog from. I never remember to sign up for it whenever they do the whole sign up deal, but it’s bookmarked just in case.
  • http://www.instructables.com/ — DIY extravaganza, including section on manly crafts, phwaor huhh and other manly noises.
  • http://etsy.com — Sort of like ebay but with homemade crafts. And possibly not an auction, I don’t know cos I’ve never bought anything. I just like looking at what people make. The picture above is of a handmade hand printed birdcage bag, from tabidesigns on etsy.
  • http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/ — More craft tutorials, pretty layout.

Sites I found when procrastinating writing college essays

My computer is slowly disintergrating, and as my mouse has decided to stop working I shall leave it there. Happy surfing…

    Tips for people who refuse to buy shoes that actually fit


    1. Hairspray is basically a spray adhesive. If you’ve a pair of shoes that are slightly too big and tend to fall off, spray the inside liberally with hairspray. It’ll stick the shoe to your feet. Hairspray can also be used to stick glitter to surfaces in craft projects (though the glitter will come off if not handled delicately) and as a fixative for charcoal, pastel or graphite drawings.
    2. You can also use your hairdryer to stretch ill-fitting shoes. Just warm them for 20-30 seconds and put them on. They should mould to your feet. Also, if you’re in a hurry in the morning and you find a big crease down the front of your top, put the top on, warm the fabric with the hairdryer and pull the crease out. Faster than ironing.
    3. If your shoes pinch, apply Vaseline to where your foot and shoe rub. It’ll act as an emollient.
    4. Throw out the shoes that don’t fit and buy ones that do.

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    Reading Allen Ginsberg and messing with glitter

    That’s literally what I did with my day. I made a wee folly for my wall, it says “When did you forget you were a flower?” Frustratingly, I didn’t have a glittery question mark. How does one allow oneself to run out of glittery question marks?! I doused it in glitter though, which I hope will distract somewhat from the lack of proper punctuation. Here’s a photo, its more sparkley/colours are different in real.

    oooh mr. sparkle

    Quote’s from Sunflower Sutra, in the Howl anthology.

    Top ten tips on how to make very little money at a carboot sale


    1. Believe you are going to a carboot sale, when in fact you are going to some sort of hip sceney scenster arty fart fest where they sell feathers and whimsical dresses and ironic badges.
    2. If doors to the public open at one, make sure that you are there no more than ten minutes before hand. Otherwise you might have time to set up your stall.
    3. Make sure it’s raining before you leave. Make sure you don’t have a canopy or any form of cover for your things. Make sure your umbrella is stolen somehow in the middle of a downpour. Make sure most of the things you are trying to sell get saturated.
    4. Set up your stall in the furthest corner from everything. Put it between two way more interesting looking stalls.
    5. Bring a non-freestanding novelty, such as a giant painted horse, and break it. Spend first half hour trying to stick its head back on with tape and try bolster it somehow against the raging winds.
    6. Scowl at potential customers. Refuse to make eye-contact with anyone. Remark loudly how all your stuff is rubbish, and you’d be happy to give it away.
    7. When asked for a price, stare incredulously and say something like, “really? You want that yoke? Eh…ten cent?”
    8. Scrunch all creasable clothing items you wish to sell into tiny balls before you leave the house. Once you’ve arrived, allow clothing items to fall into pools of mud. Then hang on hangers.
    9. Accidentally break things while trying to show people how they work.
    10. Don’t bring any change.

    Patchwork drama

    Today I decided to revisit my oul pal, log cabin patchwork. This is great if, like me, you’re not that good at sewing, kind of scabby, and want to create something that looks like it was tricker to make than it was. If you can use a scissors and sew in a straight line then you’re basically sorted.

    I’m going to make one square, but if you make lots then you can put them together to form different patterns, as in the photos, which are shamelessly stolen from Google.


    Star pattern

    I’ll presume y’all have some rudimentary level of sewing ability… If you don’t  then comment me and I’ll put up a tutorial on how to thread and use a sewing machine and basic hand stitching.

    As far as I’m aware, log cabin patchwork has its roots in pioneering America.  They didn’t have an awful lot, and beautiful quilts could be made out of old scraps of fabric. The logcabin name comes from the way that the pieces overlap as you sew. It is worth bearing in mind however, that I may have made that all up.

    I’m trying desperately not to drop the R-bomb, but if money is tight, log cabin cushions/small quilts can make very cute presents. This is also great if you’re into the whole eco-friendly saving the world buzz, as you can reuse old clothes and other fabrics for the pieces.

    Let’s get patching baby

    Stuff ya need:

    • Plain cotton for backing. Doesn’t matter about colour or pattern as you won’t be seeing it at all. I used a 10″ by 10″ piece, but this also doesn’t matter. Feel free to go smaller or bigger.
    • Two contrasting fabrics, cut into strips 2″ across. Again, doesn’t have to be 2″, but I find that the bigger strips are more forgiving to poor sewers. 100% cotton is easiest to work with. Don’t recommend fabrics with stretch in them, as they are difficult to work with.
    • 2″ square of a very beautiful and lovely third fabric. This is for the centre.
    • VERY SHARP scissors. If scissors is blunt, fabrics will fray as you cut them out. Most disheartening.
    • Pins.
    • Cotton thread. I like white.
    • If available, sewing machine. If not, needle and patience.

    Put strip of fabric facedown over middle square.And so it begins...

    Second piece! Getting exciting now.

    Door opened and smoothed down.

    Should end up with something like this!

    Third strip will go about second and middle in the picture.

    1/ Take the 2″x2″ of fabric and pin it to the middle of the 10″x10″ backing square.

    2/ Take one of your 2″ strips of fabric. Cut it so that it is slightly longer than the middle square, and place it facedown on top of the middle square. Pin it in place.

    3/ Sew a straight line along one of the longer sides of the facedown fabric, making sure that the stitches go over the middle square underneath.

    4/Pretend the facedown fabric is a door, and open it all the way. Smooth down.

    5/ Take another length of the same colour 2″ strip. Place it facedown on top of both the middle square and the first strip. It should be at a right(ish) angle to the first strip, as illustrated in the amazing photos below. Pin in place.

    6/ Sew in a straight line along the long side of the second piece. Fold back and smooth.

    7/Take a 2″ strip of the other colour fabric. Put it facedown on top of the middle square and the second strip. Pin in place. Sew along the long edge so that when it is folded back, the middle square is framed on three sides.

    8/Continue around and around in much the same way.

    That’s all there is too it. I made mine using an old t-shirt and pair of jeans that had unfortunately worn away at the crotch.

    Old clothes....

    one squared

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting adventure into the unknown…

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