Just picture it

The lil bro is doing a portfolio course next week for art college, so I was looking through my art materials today to see if I had anything he needed. I forgot, but I have quite a lot. Like…loads. And I never use them anymore, very sad.

SoI got my pastels out and drew what was in the corner of my desk. It’s been about two years since I drew with pastels so results were not exactly overwhelming, but some parts are nice. Here’s a pic, though the colours don’t really photo well.

Trinity Ball 054

Yes, I have china ornaments and so am basically a nan. Oh also, top tip for when you’re drawing is to look at the picture in a mirror as you go, cos you’ll spot mistakes/crookedness/non-symmetry if ya do.

Oh and a PS, I’m getting lots of hits but no comments, so do leave me one if you’re reading this! Even if it’s just…your life is dull, why bother.x

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