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I think Karl called lists “the mainstay of lazy blogging”, or somesuch. They are, I love them. Here’s another, this time of random sites that I have in my bookmarks folder and may be of interest.

Make and Do

bird cage bag

  • — This is where I stole the idea for this blog from. I never remember to sign up for it whenever they do the whole sign up deal, but it’s bookmarked just in case.
  • — DIY extravaganza, including section on manly crafts, phwaor huhh and other manly noises.
  • — Sort of like ebay but with homemade crafts. And possibly not an auction, I don’t know cos I’ve never bought anything. I just like looking at what people make. The picture above is of a handmade hand printed birdcage bag, from tabidesigns on etsy.
  • — More craft tutorials, pretty layout.

Sites I found when procrastinating writing college essays

My computer is slowly disintergrating, and as my mouse has decided to stop working I shall leave it there. Happy surfing…