Movies in the Park

If Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown county council can do one thing right it’s showing films. In the park. Amazing. Presume they’ll be doing this through the summer with intervals.

And the festival of world cultures is not to be sniffed at either of course.

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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

Just in from the beach so thought I’d so a quick pros vs cons list of beaches/swimming holes around my area.

Sandycove Beach


  • Near enough to the dart.
  • Grassy bit for lying out.
  • Usually an ice-cream truck. If not, about ten minutes walk from Teddy’s.
  • Nice walk along the promenade to/from Dun Laoghaire.
  • Can dive off the pier.
  • Generally a life guard during the summer.
  • Safe for kids.


  • Lots of kids.
  • Also dogs.
  • Not too clean. Water generally looks pretty scummy.
  • In the summer can be full of knackers.
  • Currents when you get out a bit further, and rocks.

The Forty-Foot


  • Beside Sandycove, so all same pros.
  • Martello Tower looks nice, can pretend to be in Ulysses.
  • Diving off the rocks.
  • No need to wade in, nice and deep for swimming.
  • Other swimmers usually friendly.


  • Bad currents, expecially when the ferry goes by.
  • Have to be careful on the rocks, some guy broke his neck diving in there recently.

White Rock

white rockPros

  • Lots of sand for lying out.
  • Little changing room place that you can lie on top of and look out.
  • Big flat rock for jumping off when the tide’s in.
  • Can watch the Darts go by.
  • Toilets.
  • Seperate from Killiney beach so seems a bit more private, but Killiney can be reached by walking along the ledge.


  • Lots of flies cos of the seaweed.
  • Millions of millions of steps down.
  • Uphill trek from Killiney Dart station if you’re coming from that way.
  • Currents.
  • Sharp little stones closer to the sea that hurt when ya go paddling.

The Vico



  • Can perve on all the nice houses on Vico Road.
  • Can go skinny dipping.
  • Little changing room place.
  • Beautiful views.


  • Old men skinny dipping.
  • Changing room place sometimes smells like piss.
  • Rocks.
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Sunshine makes me happy, as does Hugh Laurie.

As today is a lovely summer’s day, I’ve spent it mostly lolling about sunning myself and occasionally yawning. I did however, manage to stumble down to a shop and purchase House, season one.

Hugh Laurie, DILF extraordinaire.

Tremendously exciting. I’ll post a review once I’ve watched it, though I’m sure it’s on like series 4 or something at this stage. I’m so late that even the bandwagon’s moved on without me.

Anyways, in lieu of more interesting content, here’s a video of chat-show hosts being lazy while interviewing the delectable Mr. Laurie. You’d never know he wasn’t American!

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